Ethereum ICO has long gone since 2014. However, because it provided a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, ICOs based on the Ethereum platform is still running. In this article, we shall provide a list of the upcoming Ethereum ICOs in 2019. These lists are not ranked in any way. They are just meant to provide information about ongoing ICOs. Don’t take them as investment advice.


MinedBlock: Mined block is a cryptocurrency mining service that provides the facility for investors to mine different cryptocurrencies without buying expensive hardware. They also hope to help investors to save money on energy used for mining activities. Its ICO is scheduled to start on April this year.

Citiblock: Citicoin hopes to be the Amazon and eBay of online shopping with cryptocurrencies. They provide a platform where traders can list their items for sale and get paid with crypto coins on its marketplace. The advantage they promise to traders is the zero transaction fees charged by PayPal and other traditional payment platforms. Citiblock ICO is scheduled to start on March 1st, 2019.

FoodNation: FoodNation hopes to become one of the major online food retail stores. Their online store hopes to connect buyers and sellers together with their own cryptocurrency.

Each of these ICOs issues out a new ICO coin, which they hope will be the basis for trading when their project goes live.

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