If you’re looking for an ICO to invest in, it won’t be long before you find lots of ICO choices. There are many ICOs these days seeking for your money. These ICOs sell new cryptocurrencies when they’re ongoing. But the real value is not just in cryptocurrencies but the ability to change them to fiat money and earn a profit. That’s why investor seeks a promising ICO to invest in. But the signs of a good ICO are latent, to say the least. However, you can detect a promising ICO by watching out for these signs.

Revolutionary service/product: In the business world, a business with a revolutionary service is a great business. The same goes for cryptocurrencies. When the ICO holders are having a revolutionary idea on their belt, it ’s just a matter of time before its coin value will start soaring and investors make a profit.

Developers with good business reputation: If you’ve found an ICO chaired by individuals with a good reputation, then it can be a sign of a good ICO. Cardano launched an initial coin offering bitcoin as a payment method. The platform was developed by ex-Ethereum developers and today, its token has risen higher than its ICO value.

Hype: Well with regards to the ICO itself hype doesn’t matter. However, with regards to the solution the ICO holders are offering, hype matters a lot. If users are interested in the products/service a company has to offer, then it could lead to more sales and an increase in its crypto coin value.

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