How do i invest in an ico cryptowith low popularity?

Niche cryptos have every chance to bring their holders a decent profit, unlike top crypto assets like Bitcoin, on which numerous projects like bitcoin poker are created. At the moment, finding a promising niche cryptocurrency is extremely problematic, but possible. In this article, you will learn how to choose a token, how to analyze the issuing company and how much you can invest in it.
90% of all existing cryptos are not very popular, and this is quite natural. One crypto is a fork, the second is created for speculation, the third is solely as a payment solution for a particular market. But there are also undervalued tokens with the honest intentions of the management team, but for some reason they cannot compete with famous players. The reasons are as follows:
Creation of a crypto project in unfavorable times (for example, a bear market throughout 2018);
Poor marketing;
Lack of capital;
High limits for participation in ICO, IEO, STO.
How to find a promising niche token?
It is obvious that newly made tokens can grow in price faster than those that are already 5-7 years on the market. They can be added to crypto exchanges with a large trading volume and to top news feeds, after which you can observe the growth of the rate and capitalization of tokens.
Before buying a particular token that you think is promising, the best upcoming ico crypto and in the future will be in demand, you need to conduct its fundamental analysis, based on the following criteria:
Idea. It must be unique and have a number of distinctive features;
Lack of excessive course volatility. Do not invest in super-volatility tokens, the price of which for unknown reasons rises and falls.
Activity of the development team. If the roadmap is being implemented, the code on Github is regularly published, then why not take a closer look at this project.
Team interaction with market participants. All projects have accounts in social networks. You can always ask the team regarding the next update, and if there is no answer, bypass the project.
Geographical localization. One token can be popular all over the world (for example, Omisego), but there are those that were created for a specific region. It makes no sense to invest in a token that is designed for the South African market. But it makes sense to invest in tokens for the Chinese market, their prospects are much higher.
Where to find a promising token?
For each asset, there is a thread on the Bitcointalk forum in which users write a review and it is possible to provide some valuable information on the project and publish a cryptocurrency ico list of deserving projects or a list of scams.
Nevertheless, do not forget about scammers who, over the past year and a half, have learned to competently interact with investors and are able to simulate the competence of blockchain developers. If for some reason you can’t carry out a fundamental analysis, then you can contact the agencies specializing in crypto investments that will help to conduct a qualitative analysis of the token.
But in general, the experience of independent investment and the skill of analyzing cryptos will be developed, therefore, we recommend to make investment decisions by yourself. Don’t invest large amounts of money in doubtful tokens. Remember, niche tokens are the most risky tools, so their share should not exceed 10% in your cryptocurrency portfolio.

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