The term Altcoins is a short form for the term Alternative Currency. As the name implies altcoins could denote any cryptocurrency that is not well-known. Many cryptocurrencies issued today are currently referred to as altcoins. The term altcoins is rather fluid – there is no fixed rule that makes a coin an altcoin or not. So an altcoin today could be tomorrow’s main crypto coin if its value and popularity outshine the current leaders of cryptocurrency.

When an ICO launches, they often release new altcoins for investors to buy. Investors buy these altcoins in hope that its value will increase and they’ll make a profit.  At the moment, the best cryptocurrency to invest in is altcoins. This is so for the following reasons.

Altcoins are very cheap during ICOs: The price of altcoins permits an investor with some few hundred bucks to acquire tens (if not hundreds) of the coin. On the other hand, only rich individuals can acquire tens (or hundreds) of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Altcoins grows faster at their early stages: A look at NXP, NEO and Steem confirm this fact. If you want to make the crazy 50000% return on investment as it was with Bitcoin and Ethereum, then consider investing in altcoins. They still have room to grow.

Major cryptocurrencies are experiencing stagnant or slow growth: many analysts forecasts that the price of major cryptocurrencies will barely show an increase and the recent market trends proves them right.

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